5 reasons to outsource IT support during peak demand

outsource IT support

Need more IT support during peak hours but don't need to hire another employee?

Consider outsourcing on a part time basis. If you have your own in-house IT team, you may experience certain times during the day, week, or month when demand for support peaks. No matter how great your IT team is, there is a maximum level of support that they can provide during these times. If demand exceeds that level, you’ll have frustrated end-users waiting on hold, leaving messages, or sending in trouble tickets and waiting for resolution. Add to that potentially debilitating downtime - a loss of productivity while your users wait for their issue to be addressed and ultimately resolved.

So, why not hire more full-time IT help? Well, first, the higher demand might not call for another full time employee. If your peak demand is significantly less than 40 extra hours per week, then you don’t need to invest in another salary and the benefits that come with that. Second, you just might not have the budget to do take on another full time employee. There is a solution. You can farm out your excess peak demand issues to an outsource It support company that offers support and help-desk services.

Here are 5 reasons to consider this option:

  1. You will receive on-site or remote help-desk services for exactly the number of hours you need
  2. You will maintain high availability of service and increased uptime
  3. You can have extra support during other times of need, for example, while implementing special projects.
  4. You can obtain after-hours support when necessary
  5. You can receive support for non-essential and commonplace issues such as outside vendor contact management

Look for a company that welcomes the opportunity to provide part-time support and a willingness to work within your budget.

Have you ever hired an outsource IT support company to help during peak demand? Let us know how it worked out for you in the comment section below.