My staff is asking for business tablets... do they really need them?

Your employees are asking for business tablets, You see them everywhere, and you may even have one for your own personal use. Before you entertain the idea of which kind of tablet to buy - iPad, Surface, Nexus, etc. - you first have to decide if your employees really need a tablet. Your decision should be based on whether or not the tablet is a tool that will provide tangible benefits to your business.

Here are the questions to ask to help you understand if business tablets are a good investment for you.

1. Will I save money? You probably have a budget. If you can get all of the functionality you require from a tablet at a fraction of the cost of a laptop, the tablet may be the way to go. There is some exciting technology out there today, and tablets are able to provide more and more of the functionality that used to require a computer. They tend to be cheaper, though some pc/tablet hybrids can be costly.

2. Will my employees save time? Breakthroughs in technology, such as those seen in the iPad Air, feature greater simplicity, ultra portability, and are built, in part, to truly enhance functionality with respect to mobile computing. So, as you do side-by-side comparisons between tablets and laptops, you can consider the potential for saving your employees time.

3. Will employee productivity increase? Everything from menus to patient records are now accessible by tablets. The question here is whether the combined tablet features below will increase your employees’ s productivity:

  • Touch screens
  • Ability to run your specific operating system and programs
  • Cellular connectivity
  • Smaller device size and less weight resulting in increased portability
  • Ability to always be connected

Will tablets enhance customer experience? While dining out the other night my daughter told me that there were tablets at the table. She was able to place her own order. For her it was a pretty cool experience. Companies like Disney make “experience” a hallmark of their business. Whether it's ordering food or processing payments, you might want to consider the possibility of how a tablet could be used to improve the quality of your own customers’ experience.