Top signs your IT team needs auxiliary IT support on a project

Have some big IT projects in your plan that just aren't getting done? If hiring more IT staff doesn't make sense, yet there aren't enough resources to complete a particularly big project, you may need auxiliary IT support.

There are many examples of big, one time IT projects that you might need to accomplish, and reasons they crop up might include things like aligning IT systems after a merger or aquisition of a business, an increase of hiring after new funding, or a new technology plan completed at the beginning of the year. There are many projects this can include, such as:

  • IT equipment site moves
  • IT equipment upgrades
  • New PC roll outs
  • Disaster recovery plan execution
  • New phone system installation
  • New IT equipment for employees
  • additional IT assets, such as tablets or smart phones

If you have one of the projects looming on the horizon and you're hearing "We're just too busy with the day to day operations", deadlines are constantly getting pushed, or working on the project would require dropping everything else on your IT team's plate, then your IT team might need temporary help.

The good news is, you don't need to hire new staff. You can work with an outsourced IT firm to complete the project. The best way to do this is to define the scope of the project, and then contact a few outsourced IT firms. Ideally, have someone on your IT team involved in the discussions, as you want to make sure the firm you choose will work well with the exising team.

Have you completed any large IT projects in the last year? Tell us what they were in the comments!