Why do companies outsource if they have an IT team in place?

If you have a full time IT team or IT professional working for you, you may have asked the question, why do companies outsource? Here are four common reasons companies use an outside vendor as an adjunct to the IT component they currently have in place.

1. The IT team is only there 8 hours a day. And there are holidays, weekends, vacations, PTO’s, etc. Most companies don’t have dedicated support 24/7/365. For many companies that is fine. But some businesses have off-site workers and some of those folks work schedules beyond the traditional 9-5 scheme. When they encounter viruses, connection problems, issues with files, they need help at whatever o’clock it is. If you are running into issues while your dedicated IT support is on vacation or a day off, the end-users in your business face losing productivity because help is not available when they need it. For these situations and the many others that can occur due to a lack of 24/7 dedicated support, companies can turn to an outsourced IT company to fill the gap. A company such as this can offer support at just the times that you need it. If your budget can only support 10 extra hours a week of IT support, you can find a company that can fill that need. Many outsourced IT companies offer this type of limited support because there is such a need for it.

2. Project assistance. As companies grow, they need to expand to accommodate the growth. They might move to a new location, or do a build-out in their current spot. Some companies need to install new equipment that their IT department is not familiar with. For these reasons and many more, current IT teams need assistance with special projects from time to time. The may need the expertise or just the extra hands on deck that an outsourced IT company can provide. Many outsourcers even provide help with planning and budgeting all the way through to implementation.

3. IT planning and budget development. IT leaders today go through a very complex and comprehensive process when engaging in IT planning and budget strategy. In many large companies today, IT leaders are executive level officers that report directly to the CEO, CIO or CFO. The chief question is rarely, “how much will this cost?” The analysis is based more around value, system efficacy, which technology provides the right tools to meet the needs of the business, and total cost of ownership through its lifecycle. So it is not at all like picking out which new model car you want and what options to include. Smaller companies that can’t afford a senior level information officer or a high priced consultant, can, however, get IT planning help from an outsourced it support company. There they can find help developing a detailed strategy around the available budget.

4. Setting up and configuring new equipment. Another reason companies with IT teams outsource IT work is to get assistance with setting up new laptops and PC’s. If your IT team is stretched thin, an outsourced IT company can perform all the tasks required to do this from unpacking the equipment to setting up and configuring each unit at it’s respective station. They will install and test all software and perform necessary updates, install printers, transfer files, even set up custom settings for each user. Finally they can perform training on the new hardware and software if your users need it.

If you face similar situations in your business and your IT team is out straight, you can get experienced, knowledgeable and professional help from an outsourced it company. It’s what they do.

Have you hired an outsourced it support company to help out your team? Let us know how it worked out for you in the comments section below.