We manage - or assist with - special projects of any size and scope, from planning through implementation. We have experience with both short and long-term projects, and we can definitely work within your budget. Contact us if you need help with any - or all - of the phases listed below. We provide local IT project management, assistance and planning for businesses located throughout New England.

Technology Business Support: We'll work with you to develop a successful strategy to leverage technology to support your business for the short or long-term or both.

Technology and Growth Plan Development: If technology requirements are part of your growth plan, we can help you develop a strategy that will address your current needs while supporting your goals for growth, and guide you through implementation.

Technology Standardization: Every business comes to a point where they need to implement certain standards for hardware, software, and IT operating procedures. We can help create those standards so you can move your business forward with confidence.

IT Requirement Planning: We can help you map out current and future requirement specs and costs, and we can keep management teams regularly informed.

Budget and Project Detail Development: For any one of these services you'll likely need a budget and detailed plan. Whether you know your requirements and just need help budgeting, or you need help figuring it all out, we can help.

Solutions for Today and Tomorrow: We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how you can leverage technology to meet the needs of your business today and support your goals for tomorrow.