We have the network expertise and experience to support your goals. Whether you have one office with just a few computers or you have multiple sites and hundreds of users, we can help you.

Evaluation. We will give you a full and clear report of the current state of your network. You will gain an understanding of current and potential problems, what can be done to correct them, and the state or your network security. 

Design and Planning. In the design and planning phase we begin with a forecast of how your network will operate, cost, and network capability details. Then we focus on the placement and size of the components, routing strategy, and choosing the best option to meet the capacity requirements of your network. When we plan we look at the short-term and also the long-term so that your goals for growth are supported. We will work within your budget. If you don’t have a budget, we will you help you develop one. 

Installation, Implementation and Testing. Once the design is in place, we install your network. If you are migrating to a new network, our experienced engineers will ensure that interruptions are kept to a minimum. After the installation is complete, we will test all components to ensure that network performance is optimal and reliable. The last step is implementation.

Security, Antivirus Protection & Firewalls. Your network will have the level of security that you require. Antivirus and firewall protection will be up to date and fully functional.

Structured Cable. We have extensive experience with structured cable of all types including, Wireless LAN, Data, Voice, Fiber Optic, and more.

We offer a full suite of network services and products. Our staff of experienced and highly competent IT engineers will deliver a system that will meet your needs. You can have peace of mind that your system will perform to standards that you require.