If you are adding one or several computers to your business, you will benefit from the level of service our IT professionals bring to the table.

Standard Setup: We create a standard setup for each of our customer's PC's and laptops based on their software requirements and other needs. This establishes efficiency and uniformity.

Setup and Configuration Procedure Documentation: By documenting our procedures we are able to reduce labor time. This approach means you save money.

End-user training: When necessary, we can provide users with training on their new hardware and software

Testing: We test everything and make sure all components are operating at optimal level.

Our services include any or all of the following:

  • Unpack and connect all hardware and link computers to network
  • Position computers for end-users in their work areas
  • Install all software (MS Office, QuickBooks, Peachtree, etc)
  • Configure for end-user (set up email, confirm software like QuickBooks is working and connected to company database, etc.)
  • Install printers - either networked or local
  • Install all updates
  • Confirm antivirus is installed and updated
  • Transfer any needed files and custom settings for end-users
  • Test all software
  • Train end-users 

When you have neither the time nor the specific knowledge to set up and configure your business's new PC's and laptops, we can help.